About DEB


Coach - Trainer - Speaker

Deb brings passion, energy and commitment to any assignment she undertakes. 

Engaging employees, improving staff retention, developing people and exceeding client expectations.

Deb is passionate about bringing out the

best version of you by extending your reach out side of your comfort zone. 

Get to know Deb.........
1. At school she was super shy and cringed at public speaking - now look at what Deb does for a living, and loves it.

2. Deb's gained financial independence from working since she was 13 years old.

3. Loves to cook for family and friends, if only she could emulate Jamie Oliver.

4. Went travelling to explore the world for 6 months in 2001, came home 7 years later with an Englishman.

5. Reached an ultimate goal at 30 by going on safari in Africa, travel is in her DNA.  

6. In 2005 Deb was training in London when the bombs hit, she stepped on the train before the one that was attacked.             Lucky escape. 

7. Survived building her dream home, relocating back to Australia, starting a new job and being pregnant in one year, way     too much stress at once.

8. Swam, cycled and ran her first triathlon on February 2015. Ran her fist half marathon finishing 2.01 hours. 

9. Deb had her moment and took a big leap forward when she pro-actively approached our first female Prime Minister           Julia Gillard in 2015. 

10. At 40, Deb could not swim, she committed to getting out of her comfort zone, fighting fears & can proudly call herself an ocean swimmer

'Be the change that you want to see in the world.' 

Mahatma Ghandi

At FLY we coach, train and facilitate in a motivating and enthusiastic way to put the wings under your staff to be better at what they choose to do. They will walk away from Deb's workshops taking action and being accountable for their journey. Each participant will set their own agenda and take small practical realistic steps with a plan to get there. Where they end up is up to them! Gaining clarity and focus to clip on their wings and take flight of their future.

FLY has been designing, developing and delivering programs since 2004 in the Private and Government Sector in both London and Sydney for over 16 years. 


FLY is passionate about engaging employees, improving staff retention, developing people and exceeding client expectations in our unique, fun and interactive way.

Take off with a range of learning innovations to suit your organisations objectives.


Visit our events page for up and coming programs or ask Deb about a custom solution for your business. Needs for businesses can change daily in the current way we live, and we understand each organisation has multiple needs. Let us know your agenda and we can collaborate together building the ideal foundation to enhance the outcomes of a program for your individual needs.

Collaboration and adaptability are the key fundamentals when creating the right program for your staff to step up, speak up and take charge. We believe in the wholistic approach to self-development in all areas of their lives, creating the belief that they are more capable than they imagined in their personal and professional paths. In return you will have a more motivated and action taking employee.


Less dreaming and more living.



Nidhi, Westpac - May 2015

"Springboard" truly was the spring board I needed to unlock the potential & put "me" first for a change.


I now have a mentor!! When I met her yesterday I KNEW she was the one & I had the confidence to ask there and then and she accepted :)


I built on those competencies I needed, sought the opportunity and went for the next job...& got it!


My take has always been : Keep it simple, stay humble. Now I have added, Be your own best friend not your own worst enemy girl!


Thank you so much for everything Deb!

Heidi, Office of Environment and Heritage - July 2015

I really enjoyed the Springboard course. It was a great opportunity for me to reflect on where I had been and where I was going. Something that is difficult to find the time to do when running a family.

Since the course I have been happier and more relaxed, endeavoring to laugh more and enjoy the here and now.

The course helped me define my goals that I am working toward, though it will take some time and discipline to stay on track!

I hope to use the workbook regularly to remind me of all the great tools I can use to continue bring more positive things into my life.

Vanessa, Office of Environment and Heritage - September 2015

I just wanted to thank you for being such and inspiration and fantastic motivator. Since completing the Springboard program I have gained a huge amount of confidence and I am not afraid to have a go. I just ask now rather than wonder.


You are an amazing presenter and speaker and I am so glad that I had the opportunity to participate in this program. Thank you for sharing your stories and experiences.

Amanda, Local Government - May 2015

Thanks again it was a wonderful course and it was what I needed to give me the courage to put myself out there.  The Springboard course and meetings with my mentor gave me the inspiration and encouragement to apply to UOW.  I recently found out that my application was accepted for the Undergraduate Degree of Commerce and it starts end of July.  Maybe one day I will have more to add to my already big story to share and inspire other women as many of the speakers at Springboard did for me.

Jo, Environment Protection Authority - November 2015

I love getting your emails, they’re very inspirational and always give me a lift. I’ve been wanting to thank you and tell you how much I enjoyed Springboard and that it has really made me look at life differently and to also appreciate what I already have, which is exactly what I needed.  

Thank you so much for running such a fantastic program, I really looked forward to attending the days and am quite sad it’s finished. But our small group still meet up for coffee each month, which is great, and I have achieved a number of goals I would never have met had I not attended the program and am still planning new ones!

Keep up the great work!  I have highly recommended the program to a number of work friends who are keen to attend the next one.