Understand your Values, 
Build your Self-Worth, 
Create the Best Version of YOU!
- Deb Elliott 
Coach, Trainer, Speaker, Founder FLY Consulting.
Deb Elliott Springboard Program Sydney Fly Consulting Canberra
What we do.....

FLY is about creating a comfortable space and setting an environment to get away from our everyday routine to embark on the voyage of self-discovery. Are you ready to take your career seriously and connect with yourself? We map our your life with what energises you in both your personal and professional world. Take the time to hang out with yourself in a nurturing space to set your mind wondering of what the possibilities may become.


Sometimes we need a little nudge to break down the barriers and to leap over the challenges, to adapt, recreate and take measurable steps to plan our future. 


Have you ever wondered, 'What is it I want to get out of my career?' 'What do I need to do to get moving as opposed to waiting for others to tell me?' 'What is sabotaging me from stepping forward?' 'Feeling like your stuck and unsure of what to do next?'


Working with Deb will help you map out your future and create a path that is relevant to you with practical steps. Getting you where you want to go, knowing the fastest most effective way to get there in a non-confrontational and non-judgmental environment. This program is all about YOU! 

‘Through the networking module, I built up the confidence to reach out to an old director and have recently started a new job that is 2 grades above when I started the program. The program also helped me prioritise myself and my happiness. It helped me identify the activities and people who give me energy, and I am investing my time into those people and areas. This has really boosted my positivity. Overall I loved the program and Deb had some really great insights and stories that created a safe space for us to open up and share.’ 

Jess Edmonds

National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) 2020

'Springboard has created a wonderful platform to grow and develop the women in our organisations. We often hear of the personal and professional transformation in the workplace and beyond. The tools and skills women gain are carried forward, strengthened by the relationships and networks they build throughout the program.'

Office of Environment and Heritage

Sydney 2016

‘The Springboard Program was empowering and taught me so much about myself and the ways I am putting up barriers to my own progression. It also taught me to assess my values and ensure that I am living in line with those values, instead of living the way society tells me I should. It has given me such a wide variety of skills to use both in my personal and professional life. Deb brought a positive attitude to our conferences, was supportive and great at keeping us on task. She is great at communicating and undertook the role of facilitator so well considering we had to undertake the course via Zoom. I would recommend this program to all women’

Michelle Paduch

Environment, Energy and Science 2020

'Springboard for Women is an inspiring 3 month development program that can be adapted in various facets of your life. Deb Elliott the Program Facilitator, delivered the program with such enthusiasm and charisma adapting examples from her personal life experiences that bring the text to life while imbedding the main principles in your mind. A program highly recommended to challenge who you are, what you are doing and what you want, giving you the tools to embrace a change in your mind set, step out of routine, examine and re-focus energy to accomplish a harmonious balance in personal and business life without limitations. A very engaging and memorable experience.'

Nermaine Pruscino

Westpac 2016

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