This four month virtual blended learning program minimises impact out of the business with eight half day workshops spread over bi-weekly intervals. Each workshop includes a variety of experiential learning activities, individual reflection, case studies and inspiring guest speakers. A comprehensive participant workbook. Support of a coaching group or mentor program will enhance the workshops and assist participants to continue their learning between workshops and after the Program's completion. Tangible action plans at each workshop with key learnings, breaking down habits, emotional intelligence, advanced skills in being assertive, creating opportunities, building your visibility in the organisation and changing the way you think about yourself and the world you live in. This program is designed for women in non-management through to first line management who want to kick-start their career, learn how to have control of their lives, create confidence, become self-aware and learn the art to self-regulation and being in the present moment. Looking for a program all about Diversity and Inclusion, this program is suited to any woman of any background at any stage in their lives. 

Mentor Program

Take your staff to the next level by incorporating this half day Mentor program side by side with the women undertaking the full four month Springboard Women's Development Program. This can enhance the outcome of the women’s development by leaps and bounds. Mentoring is beneficial in many ways, helping with goals of purpose, challenging them gently, seeing things in them they never imagined, a wealth of resources and a sounding board for ideas.

Spring Ahead

Continual development is crucial in today’s society, life is getting busier with new challenges we face. Springboard is all about you as an individual, wouldn’t it be nice to understand how to enrich those relationships at work and home, build stronger connections and understand others needs. With the way the world is moving so fast we have constant battles in both our personal and professional lives, in this program we show you how to build more resilience and look at life in a more optimistic way. It’s hard to keep the wheels in motion when we have so many activities and pressures with our daily work life balance. This one day program is the next level in development, continuation from the full Springboard Women's Development Program for sustainable results.

Keirsey - Behaviour Temperaments

This program can be tailored depending on what your key outcomes are and how strongly you want to build and enrich relationships at work, help your staff understand the needs of others and the pressures within your organisation. We find our clients like to have the one day package to create enough self awareness within individuals with Emotional Intelligence and know how to identify others strengths and weaknesses to derive stronger outcomes for the organisation. Want to know more, contact us.